Because playing is learning

Does anyone blog about learning to blog? I imagine someone must. My goal is to create a blog for my department at work, but first I need to learn to blog, and playing is learning. So I am playing. Perrygator is a play word and this is a play blog.

I am looking at this screen with all the tabs and choices – Add media, b-quote, close tags – what does this all mean and does it matter? I don’t ask this seeking advice. It is more a question to myself. What is the simplest way to achieve the results I want?

The blog I will eventually create will be about career and job search for college graduates. I am not a full-time writer but I am a full-time Career Consultant. I am also an artist, and I do write. So here I am learning to BLOG.

Seriously, if you are a person in your fifties did you ever think when you were six years old that someday you would learn to BLOG?

If I use play as my means then there is no need for fear of mistakes and forgetting and not knowing. There is only the anticipation of challenge and fun.